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Monday, May 31, 2010


What are you doing for the summer? We are gonna go to Rhode Island for a weekend and hang out on the beach. Kids need to get some son! lol I wish I could do what's in the above photo. But, I'm sure it will happen someday...we are a one income family of four on a budget, so going to Rhode Island will at least be a semi-adventure. Tell me waht you guys are planning on doing for the summer....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vanity Clothing | Online Clothing Stores - 1 T-shirts World : Clothes you ever wanted.

Vanity Clothing Online Clothing Stores - 1 T-shirts World : Clothes you ever wanted.

There is a such thing as being too skinny

When I ,was in high school I was under a hundred pounds, had no butt, no chest, and wore size 9 in shoes! Now that's too skinny! People would call me Anorexic and tell me I needed to eat. I did eat all the time and it wasn't till about graduation time that I actually started sprouting more It wasn't the greatest time for me of course, but a litter after that I did finally start to have a more fun life. But hey, everything is a learning experience :)

Cosmetics.....Where do they come from.....?

What era in time do you think cosmetics came from....? I want to say....maybe ancient Egypt....when the pharoahs were around....How were the first cosmetics created.....? I think maybe foods such as fruits may have been used to create them, maybe also some kind of minerals......

Let me know what you think....…

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shoes and Accesories

I found the Hottest and best deals on shoes and accesories such as belts, purses, & even sunglasses on Amazon! I'm gonna have to covince my husband to let me purchase them from! He's gonna be pissed! lol

Babies and Amazon

I have found very helpful in finding lots of products at great prices! Especially with a one income family home an having two kids. One is a 5 month old baby and she grows out of everyhting so quickly! I highly recommend Amazon!

BP Oilspill

Is it just me or does BP not have their shit together? I mean damn! Why is it that they are the only ones lately that have oilspills? The gulf is already doo doo brown! lol But, I am sure it's looking kinda black by now. I think the government should concentrate a lot more on land rigs instead of those that are in the water. Of course, those that are not near populated areas. Noone wants to be sued if some kind of accident happens. I think these oilspill reoccurences should show our government that we have other energy sources out there that need to be focused on. Especially since they are more clean and even green! Or...are we supposed to wait till when all the old oil tycoons are dead so we can focus on the better for us and the environment resources can finally be put into play....? Just something I've been thinking about. Please let me know what you are thinking about.....

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